Exit 201 is for anyone to come and dine, socialize, or party. Bring your friends to spend time with at our big open dining area. We provide lively and fun surroundings. Enjoy your stay here and don't forget to look out for our specials and events. Check out our other businesses within the building you might want to visit as well

  • Exit 201 Sushi, located across the bar inside Exit201, is also available through separate side entrance.
  • 홍대입구 (Hongdae Yipku), Korean restaurant, is located near the bathroom.
  • Roku Karaoke, is also located near the bathroom across from 홍대입구 (Hongdae Yipku)
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We are a bar & restaurant located in Palisades Park, New Jersey. We present a lively atmosphere for you to hangout and enjoy your dining. We have wide selection of drinks and food to keep you company throughout the night. Come out and join us!